Ancient Egyptians display in development - Watch This Space

Owing to several requests from teachers I have recently begun development of an Ancient Egypt workshop which I am hoping will be ready for launch in January 2019.

At the moment it looks like I shall be visiting in the guise of an Egyptologyst of the Howard Carter era. 

The workshop will aim to explore the geography and time frame of Ancient Egypt and will go on to question how we can possibly know so much about such an ancient civilization. 

Looking at archaeology (and what it is) and archaeological evidence and the wealth of remains the Ancient Egyptians have left behind.

Workshop will include examination of Egyptian art, wall paintings, buildings, temples and tombs, death practices, hieroglyphs and show how they have informed our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian way of life, rich and poor lifestyles, the Pharaohs, religion, work, play, fun & games and way more.

Hands-on opportunities will include a practical sand box archaeology activity, dressing up in all manner of Egyptian Costumes and  accessories plus there will be a collection of artifacts, ornaments and art work to examine.

As I say, this is very much a project in development - Egyptians was something I last studied in Primary School so I am at the research, learning and purchasing stage at the moment but it is coming along.

Costumes are bought, various artifacts have arrived with more on the way and arts & crafts projects are littered around the house in various states of manufacture.  I am quite enjoying developing this new workshop and it will be fun to offer a new display in the hopefully not too distant future.